Monday, March 15, 2010

Starlight Skirt...

Shannon Henry, owner of the Polymath Design Lab transformed a hand-sewn tulle wrap skirt into a star light sparkling evening gown by integrating fiber optics and lights that change color in response to the speed and direction of the wearer’s movement. At the center of the starlight skirt is a LilyPad which translates the motion sensors input into different colors of the stars placed throughout the skirt, creating a dynamic light pattern. The complete eTextile system is sewn on to the purple organza under-layer of the skirt parting nicely the technical part from it to allow a nice textile flow of the outer skirt but also diffuses, soften the light point a bit giving the magical effect. Although Shannon’s design is a bit more complex than the one we posted yesterday about, it still is stunning in it’s simplicity of making it but equally amazing, magical in the appearance and the effect a bit of textile illumination adds to clothing. A beautiful, sensual, magical use of textile illumination.

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