Monday, March 15, 2010

Technology enriched fashion design...

Fashion design student Kristi Kuusk, currently studying at USP (University of São Paulo) is lighting up her creations – literally – by adding LED sparkle to a crocheted skirt. The twist on Kristi’s design: the sparkle comes only to life when the skirt and a ring come together. Her concept of ‘miracles start to happen when two separate parts come together‘ is made by using a magnetic switch. Each time the ring comes near the skirts magnetic counterpart the LEDs, symbolizing a snow flake, will give off it’s shine, imitating the snow’s shiny effect in the darkness. Aspiring fashion designer like Kristi and many others start to explore the options and possibilities electronic technologies have to offer to create new visual effects on clothing. Over many years, static materials have been used to add glimmer and glitter, to add contrast and eye caching effects on clothing. Electronic technologies will not take over the whole fashion world but they will find it’s valuable place next to other fashion decoration elements and techniques.

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