Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TecInTex – Technology Integration into Textiles...

Wearable technologies or smart textiles are of high interest among the medical community as these technologies promise to enable more accurate monitoring of patients while giving more dignity and convenience to the patients in form of discretely integrated sensors into clothing. Although wearable technology development has made significant steps towards this goal most of the technologies are still too immature to be used in the medical domain. TecInTex, a research program at Nano-Tera is one of the initiatives to find solutions to the present technological gaps by developing textile-based advanced (electrical or optical) fibers incorporating sensors, signal transmission or other active components based on nanotechnology. The expectation of this research program is to develop a family of ’sensorized’ and functional fibers, which will allow the measurement of body functions like continuous ECG monitoring and biological species in body proximity, approved fabrication processes and working prototypes dedicated for health care, rehabilitation and prevention.

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