Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Undercover Music...

We stay in the textile music area with today’s article introducing ‘Undercover‘ a blanket containing a system of 24 wireless speakers for the ultimate and intimate music experience. Interaction Designer Dana Gordon loves to combine textiles with technology as her innovative portfolio of projects show. The ‘Undercover’ music blanket is designed not only to listen to music but also to let you feel it’s vibrations radiating from the speakers. We love the Undercover sound blanket concept but even more the design details Dana add to it. The concealment of the speakers with wireless module is beautiful (see image below) and the volume controls are adorable cute. The volume controllers are designed to suit a blanket’s natural cuddling behavior. The upper corners (‘the blanket’s ears’) control the volume. Pull the right one for higher volume and the left one for lower.

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