Friday, April 16, 2010

13 Tech Design Microsoft Method All-In-One...

We like concept technology as much as the next guy, and we love to see renderings of what could be the next “game-changing” gadget. The problem is when the source for this gadget is a website with nothing but renderings of neat stuff. The supposed All-in-one from Microsoft. You know, it is one thing when you make a rendering of a product, and it is another game when you put someone else’s corporate logo on it. Then again, this all in one is suppose to be some sort of Microsoft Surface, then an architect’s drafting board, then some sort of presentation slab of some type. We suppose that since Surface is Microsoft technology, then you might have to put the Microsoft label on it. As far as we know, only Microsoft makes the Surface, and it could be copyrighted technology. You might note that the icons on the side of it included Xbox Cloud. So, we guess we can play games on this thing too. All in all, we think that this particular item is all kinds of nifty, and we wouldn’t mind if every classroom had at least one or two of these guys. The Surface could help with some hands on learning, and the display could be very interactive.

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