Sunday, April 4, 2010

Antenna Pills: No More Cheating For Not Taking Your Medication...

Afraid of antibiotics will become toxic in your belly? Well, if that is your concern for not taking a pill, in very near future, doctors will be able to detect if you are taking their medication as prescribed.
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Rizwan Bashirullah, a University of Florida assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, holds a pill capsule designed to signal when a patient has swallowed it in this photo taken March 19, 2010.

Antenna Pills are a tiny pills in transparent capsule shape that was invented by a team of researchers at University of Florida. The pills’ capsules are coated with a “label embossed with tiny non-toxic silvery nanoparticles lines” that consists of ultra small nanotechnology microchip with it.
  • The silvery lines is in fact the microchips’ antenna that allow it to communicate with other “small electronic device carried or worn by the patient.” The device will sends a signal to a cellphone, laptop, or similar device to notify whoever’s keeping track of the patient’s medication intake.
What if the microchips reside in your belly? According to the report by Pop Sci, the antenna will automatically breaks down when introduced to your body’s natural processes, and the microchip shall passes safely through out the digestive tract. But no guarantee that in the future, the pharmacy that are being delegated to coat the capsules won’t put other kind of spy type nano-technology or other intelligent nano-type robot into your digestive system! Imagine how fast would a technology carrier able to conquer the world – using the so called “nano technology”.

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