Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aspen One Watch Ski Glove Timepieces – Stylish Winter Watch...

Aspen One watch latest luxury timepiece innovation is called Aspen One Skiing Glove. If you love skiing in the winter and hate to take off your hand gloves just to check what time on your Aspen wrist watch, Aspen One Watch comes with the hand glove to solve your problem. Made with a premium leather beauty that has a porthole to let your wrist watch pop-up on the hole, in this way, you would not have to bother take off your skiing glove anymore. You could order either the left hand porthole or right hand porthole hand gloves, all depends on your liking. And to show appreciation over to your purchase, the Aspen watch manufacturer will also engrave a small piece of metal with your name on it and attach it to the Aspen One watch monument located around the peak of Aspen Mountain, at approximately 3,267 feet. Cool?Prices: USD40,000.-

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