Thursday, April 8, 2010

aTable features hollow legs...

Any furniture that helps to organize those unruly cables is worth looking over. This simplistic looking desk would allow for you to appear clutter free. Even though deep down in those table legs it conceals a mess of cords that used to constantly be in your way. The aTable even keeps its name nice and simple. Now if only all things could be this minimal and clean. As you can probably tell from the picture, each of the legs has an escape hole at the bottom. Then at the top there’s a hole to feed your cords down to the outlets that you’re using. Sure, it doesn’t have any drawer storage or a keyboard drawer, but if you’re just working on your laptop, it’d work great. The table is made out of glass-reinforced plastic to make it extra stiff. The legs themselves are actually removable. This was designed by Beautus Kopp, who is a graduate of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Right now the table is just a concept design and not actually up for sale.

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