Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boron Carbide Fabrication Technology: Wearable Armor – Strongest Fabrics In The World...

University of South Carolina’s scientists have invented a wearable armor-type material fusing boron with the carbon in cotton to create boron carbide material – the strongest material in the planet. A similar technology that shields military tanks. However, the Boron carbide material is soft, lightweight and stretchy. And what has been in a story in comics books decades ago, has now been developed into a possible fabrication technology as a wearable armor behind your T-shirt. The application of this type of material is virtually anywhere, in could your umbrellas, clothes, shoes, bags, pillow, camps, cars, emergency shelters, planes and much more. According to Dr. XiaoDong Li, the co-Author of Advanced Materials paper at the South Carolina University, since the boron carbide material is fabricated at the nanolevel, the boron carbide material is making conceptual change in fabricating, it is lightweight, fuel-efficient, super-strong and ultra-tough materials.

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