Saturday, April 10, 2010

Color-It-Yourself Dress...

The result of a collaboration between a graphic designer, Michiel Schuurman, and a fashion designer, Berber Soepboer, the Color-In Dress is a DIY garment that can be hand-colored using markers. This playful ensemble was created for the textile factory "De-Ploeg." We love this interactive fashion concept because it is simple and low-tech. The garment can evolve and be transformed over time.Color-In Dress

Color-In Dress

The second set of interactive dresses that arose from this collaboration is the Assembly Dress. The Assembly dress can be taken apart and combined a variety of different ways using buttons.Assembly Dress

Assembly Dress

Assembly Dress

Below is Soepboer's statement about her work:
  • Life exists of many choices based on expectations, desire and the available time. When everything is still possible the world seems an incredible place. I translate these endless possibilities in my design. A start to realize the ultimate dream in daily life.


  1. This is amazing! What a great concept! The same could be done for handbags and all kinds of fashion accessories! How brilliant! Very nicely posted, Arsalan! Thank-you!

  2. Thank You For liking you both... :)