Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Colorful Desktop USB Fans...

Along with summer comes too hot conditions, sometimes even indoors. If your office doesn’t quite get cool enough over the summer, you could always pick up one of these USB fans. If you like bright colors then this would definitely be the way to go. These small fans would be a little small to cool off a whole room, but they’re the right size to keep the person operating the computer from overheating. Since computers do generate heat, this would be a good idea for anyone that has a hard time with the warm weather. These pull their power from any available USB port you might have handy. On the fan itself is an On/Off switch. Unfortunately it doesn’t rotate at all to keep the air moving, but it is just a small desktop fan. You can find it through Green House. Since it is a Japanese company though, this one could be tricky to get your hands on.

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