Monday, April 12, 2010

COMPAC: Digital Surfaces are a new way to control a kitchen...

COMPAC Digital Surfaces has come up with some technology that is really a long time coming. We don’t know about you, but there are times where we are cooking, and our greasy hands can’t turn the faucets, the oven knobs, or any of my other kitchen controls. We believe that we are headed for an age where practically every phone will be a touchscreen, but most of the operating systems in our kitchens are old-school at best. COMPAC’s Digital Surfaces is an electric keypad that is integrated to work with the surface of the kitchen for much better control. See how the faucet has controls right next to it? It doesn’t look like we’ll be turning anything for hot and cold water, and we hope turning it on and off is easy as hitting one kill switch. We're guessing it’s probably pretty expensive to integrate this electronic keypad into the kitchen counter, and it should probably be water-proof and resistant to kitchen mess as well. Hopefully it will be easier to clean these things than the oven range. Whatever the case, we're guessing that we will see this in kitchens of the future, but they will probably be costly. Perhaps the technology will be easier to manufacture, and all kitchens of the future will have the Digital Surface. Then we will see a day where a little boy or girl will not understand a modern day faucet.

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