Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disko SU 1: Solar Powered Outdoor Speaker – For Awesome Pool Side Party...

Love partying with cool music background on your backyard, yet afraid of damaging your speakers on outdoors sunshine or rainy season? Following Disko SU 1 outdoor solar powered speaker is specially design to solve above problems. The Disko SU 1 outdoor speaker is a freestanding and fully solar self-powered speaker. It has a big desk shape and covered with transparent glass consists of solar cell. This cool product is featured on Moco Loco. From the pictures, we guess it has a touch screen panel with a big on/of button visible on the table surface. The speaker also has three LED lights beneath the table’s transparent surface.
  • The Disko speaker won a Green Dot award last year. It’s great to see such a good concept come to life. For now, there is no mention when it will be sold or how much it will cost. All in all, we’re looking forward to when it will be released.
No further wording if this Disko SU 1 outdoor solar powered speaker will come with WiFi features for audio streaming and playback.

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