Monday, April 12, 2010

DIY – heating and cooling jacket...

CU Boulder GEEN 1400 Engineering Costumes students Chris Francklyn, Diana George, Jenna Sobieray and Alex Cossoff posted a hot-cool project on Instructables, the ‘How to make a Heating and Cooling Jacket‘ project. The jacket has the capability to sense the temperature inside the jacket and turning on the heating or cooling elements as needed to to keep a preset constant temperature. This would mean especially during spring and autumn when the temperature outside makes usually erratic jumps between extremes, this cool jacket could be a hot clothing item. The team uses the LilyPad as the intelligent part of the jacket to collect the temperature sensor data throughout the jacket – a total of six sensors are used/recommendet – and indicates the temperature via LEDs which can be place like in this instructions or in other forms fitting to your style taste. Components such as the LilyPad, temperature sensors, LEDs and power supply are placed preferable on a removable inner liner and connected via conductive yarn. A removable inner liner has the advantage the intelligent part of the jacket could theoretically be used in different jackets as long as the inner liner fits in them. It also allows a hassle free cleaning of the outer shell of a jackets by unzipping the inner part.A cool feature is to add flexible solar panels to the outer shell or hood making use of sunlight to generate power for the LilyPad and LEDs. Before you get now very exited about making a heating/cooling jacket, the current Instructables contains only the temperature sensing part and flexible solar panel integration. The team will follow up on this project next month by adding heating and cooling technologies.

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