Friday, April 2, 2010

d°light Bubbles squishable light...

Despite that we’ve rarely played ping pong in our lives, this very strongly reminds us of a bunch of crushed ping pong balls. In truth they are definitely not made out of any materials that remotely resemble a ping pong ball. These small lights would look great and offer a little mood lighting in the corner of any of your rooms. You could even hang it as an odd looking chandelier if you so chose. These lights were created for you to enjoy squishing the individual lights. You can smash the soft silicone balls and enjoy the soft texture. It offers sensations for your sight, touch and you can even listen to the sound of the air rushing out as you give one a good squeeze. At least that’s what Diana Lin Design state in their description of their product. It uses LED lights, so the lights won’t be hot to the touch. You can purchase a set of twelve of them for $139.

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