Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream Machine Offers Under Bed Storage...

People have been hiding things under their bed for ages. We just can’t really say it’s ever occurred to us to stash a big flat screen TV under my bed. Apparently one gadet creator has a slight thing for stashing things under the covers, because they decided to create a mechanism that will hide your TV and then bring it out again with just the touch of a little button. You’d have to make sure that you have a whole lot of clearance space for your TV to move from underneath to up where you can see it. When it shows up on your doorstep it comes pre-assembled and doesn’t even require for you to modify your bed frame at all. It can handle a screen that weighs up to 120lbs, which means you can have a pretty serious TV. Sadly though it can cost you up to $22,999.

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