Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GestureFX Projection and Visual Technology – WallFX, TableFX And GroundFX Interactive Display System...

Today’s advanced projection technologies have limitless applications for businesses, leisure and entertainment. One of the practical example is the GestureFX projection technology by GestureTek.The GestureFX visual projection technology is capable to turn your floors, walls or any surface into dynamic multimedia interactive visual displays. For businesses, it could simply means more entertainment for your customers, longer staying period, more buying activities and more sales and revenue. You might have come across interactive floor projection in several retail stores across U.S.
You could engage patrons with an interactive floor, interactive table, interactive wall, interactive bar, interactive counter, interactive screen or interactive window and watch your business grow. If ordering a pizza would be as easy as a touch on your dining table and wall or perhaps in your kitchen table, would that take businesses to the next level? So far, GestureFX projection technologies have been applied in retail stores, casinos, trade shows, hotels, restaurants, museums, science centers, sports arenas or public spaces. The interaction could be a simple animation to a complicated games, puzzles or even quizzes.

Interested to know more? Visit the GestureFX’s official site here.

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