Monday, April 5, 2010

GYST Bags give clean place to stand and change...

If you’ve ever used a shower at a campground, you know what it’s like to take a shower and change all while wearing a set of cheap sandals. Those of you that find yourself in situations where you need to change in not so clean conditions, might appreciate these GYST bags. They are made to lay on the ground and allow for you to have a small clean spot to change on. It would make changing somewhere with sand, mud, snow or even those questionable showers at campgrounds a whole lot easier. The bags come in 4 different styles, so if you’re not into bookbags, you can also get a messenger bag. The underside of the bag is completely waterproof, so it can handle being laid on not so dry ground. There’s also a separate storage compartment to hold those wet or dirty clothes. The bags can be purchase for anywhere from $93 on up to $166.

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