Friday, April 16, 2010

Intel Light Peak Technology: 10Gbps Data Transfer – Faster Than USB3.0...

Could you imagine a data transfer speed faster than the Super Speed USB3.0? Intel has recently announced their invention of 10Gbps data transfer speed. Call it Super Sonic Speed? Not yet, as this technology is capable to break the 100Gb/s speed limit. And at the lowest speed, Intel’s Light Peak would enable you to transfer a full length Blu-ray movie in less than 30 seconds! According to Intel senior fellow at Intel Developer Forum in Beijing – Kevin Kahn, the technology has big possibility to start shipping by 2011. If everything going smooth, it could literary change the industry’s standard on data transfer, storage and portability issues. Will this Light Peak technology draw us into the ‘cloud computing’ era faster than we though? We think it will.
  • And Intel has already seen a brighter road ahead, as the optical technology will even drives Light Peak technology to do even better in the future.
  • Unlike existing cables, optics is a transfer media utilising light instead of electricity. It will supports Light Peak’s technology for faster speed while allowing smaller and thinner connectors, with more flexible cables compare to what’s currently possible.
  • Light Peak uses a controller chip and an optical module that would be included in devices that support the technology. The optical module, which performs the conversion from electricity to light using miniature lasers and photo detectors, will be manufactured by Intel’s partners, while the chip maker will produce the controller.

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