Thursday, April 1, 2010

Light animated figure skating costume...

While the wearable electronic business community is scratching their heads in search of the killer application highly creative and innovative designer seems have no problem to come up with pleasantly exiting designs in the clothing market. Clothing does not always mean what we wear everyday or evening. There is a wide range of professional, specialized clothing which might be more suitable, might benefit more from wearable technology integration. Marina Polakoff at ShowOfLight, creator of the Light Dress we covered earlier, designed a ‘Light animated figure skating costume‘ bringing textile technology to the ice skating arena. The light animated costume was on ice last weekend at the Crystalline Figure Skating Competition 2010 in Santa Rosa, CA. Marina’s textile light design reacts to the music by using beat and pitch recognition technology and motion sensor to bring the animation in sync with the performer. The integration of dynamic light effects into the costume allows the choreographer to add a visual dimension to figure skating, complementing and extending the visual experience we all appreciate when watching figure skating. Marina plans to expand this concept with a Costume Light Choreography on multiple ice skating costumes at the same time. This would allow for large scale lighting effects and patterns. The ultimate goal is to participate in a sophisticated skating program with multiple illuminated costumes using lighting techniques which truly express the artistic intentions of choreographers and performers. What a great example of using active, dynamic light effects integrated into clothing.

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