Thursday, April 8, 2010

MugStir Spoon – Coffee Break Would Never Be The Same...

MugStir is a portable little steel spoon with colorful hanging-end. The hanging end comes in brown, blue, pink and green colors option. For those coffee or hot beverages fans, this is a neat gadget that would let you hang the stirring spoon on the lips of your tea mug or coffee mug. This gadget is especially useful for short mug, where long spoon is found not an appropriate match. Or you are not willing to use the communal spoons in your office, churches, social charity even or even at your college’s dormitory. Other consideration would be, no more plastic spoon for your breakfast or lunch. You might have read and known how dangerous those cheap plastic spoons might deteriorate our health. The dimension of above MugStirs are approx 3″(H) x 1.25″(W) x 1″ (D). You would be able to get the MugStir Spoons in packs of three, feel free to keep a spoon at work, a spoon at home, and a spoon in your pocket when you’re on the go! Furthermore, you could also participate in keeping our earth clean and neat by not using one time use spoons and also help to reduce global warming caused by stop using the one time use plastic gadget.

Price: USD12.99

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