Friday, April 16, 2010

Power Pyramid Supreme Charger...

Neat and tidy isn’t something that generally occurs when it comes to gaming. We're not saying that all gamers are sloppy, it’s that everything involves wires dangling, plus many different controllers and games. If you’re hoping to control some of that gaming clutter, then you might take a look at the Power Pyramid Supreme. Despite the polished high end look, it isn’t just a concept design. It’s up for purchase and it’s even somewhat affordable. The device can hold as well as charge up to 4 different PS3 and Xbox controllers at a time. To help you figure out whether they’re ready to be used there are LED lights. When the lights are red, your controllers are still charging. Then when it shows blue, they have a full charge. The charger itself uses an AC adaptor, that is included. You can purchase it for $54.99 through Konnet.

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