Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scandyna Megapod Speaker...

Most speakers are made to be tucked into corners and barely ever get noticed. This Scandyna Megapod Speaker flat refuses to do exactly that. The shape alone draws your attention, then with the bright red it becomes impossible to ignore. Of course if red won’t really go with the colors within your home, there are many other color choices that aren’t quite so bold. This measures 884 by 348 by 535mm, then it also has a 25mm free-mounted tweeter. In addition to that it has a 125mm midrange driver. If these look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve come across the Minipod. It features the same odd shape as the Megapod. This larger version comes in blue, red, silver, yellow and white. To purchase it, it will cost you $2149 from Amazon.

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