Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stem Garden – Quirky’s New Concept of Elegant Planting System...

Growing fresh herbs indoor or outdoor would become an enjoyable task whenever you have the hobby, good mood and neat supporting equipments. Quirky seems trying to conceptualize what is meant to be neat equipments for growers. The recently released Stem Garden concept with flexible cable twist is one of the concepts undergoing pre-order stage.Inspired by Champagne flutes, this was a concept designed by Quirky’s global community in approximately 24 hours. The cups are removable and easy for maintenance. The stems also function as the water overflow dripping pipes.

You could twist and bend the stems according to your aesthetics sense or art of gardening when putting the stem garden indoor or outdoor. This product will also come with a user friendly herb starter kit, a variety of seeds and a set of simple instructions.

Start your gardening today?

Price: USD34/.

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