Wednesday, June 23, 2010

eTextile Fashion Show at Maker Faire...

Maker Faire, the #1 event for DIY enthusiasts and Lynne Bruning the #1 in eTextile design teamed up to organize a show that fuses technology and fashion in form of Maker Faire’s first Wearable Computing Fashion Show. Lynne, textile enchantress and creator of award winning wearable art and eTextiles is welcoming all eTextile designers to participate in the Wearable Computing Fashion Show. If you are around the San Francisco Bay Area and attending the Maker Faire contact Lynne at lynne at and she will be more than happy to get your creation on stage and present your work next to designs by: Aniomagic, Grace Kim, LulieVision and Shannon Henry. Lynne gives also a demonstration on how to create Conductive Fabric based on her large portfolio of DIY instructions she created. An event not to be missed when you are around the Bay area, a place to pick up interesting infos around eTextiles.

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