Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HoodieBuddie: Hoodie with build-in earbuds...

Adding a bit of technology, even if the technology is very basic, to clothing is a fascinating field that has been triggered by the wearable technology movement. Point in case, the HoodieBuddie™, a hoodie which uses the drawstring as carrier, as concealment for in-ear headphones. Why should one do that you may ask. As user of these little ear-bud headphones know, having the cords freely tangling down ones chest interferes not only with hand movement at times, it also catches other objects while we go our daily ways. People started to be very inventive in fixing these headphone cords on the body, putting it inside a jacket or clipping it down to the outside of clothing to keep the cord close to the body. Using clothing like t-Shirts, sweaters, hoodies for headphone cable management is a smart idea as there is no need to dress up with the headphone cord before moving on.
The HoodieBuddie™ has in the front right pocket a 3.5mm jack to connect to almost any personal audio device and runs inside the hoodie up to the drawstring with integrated ear-buds. Remarkable is the statement of the product page which says the drawstring earphones are machine-washable. Available in different colors with different prints, the HoodieBuddie™ retails for $42.- at this and other online and off-line stores. A simple design concept but insightful from usage perspective and as I might think encouraged by the spirit of wearable technology as such design could have been made already many years ago at times when portable, personal electronic devices came into existence in form of the Walkman.

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