Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rihanna lights up in red LED Dress...

The list of top artists performing in illuminated stage outfit is growing rapidly, representing a trend that might swap over from the stage to the streets one day. Rihanna and Moritz Waldemeyer did it again, lighting up the stage with a gorgeous looking LED dress for her ‘Last Girl On Earth tour‘ which kicked off last month in Belgium and will come to US in July and August. Last year Rihanna’s Laser shoulder pad dress was a revolutionary, SciFi inspired stage outfit using laser beams to captivate the fans. Moritz Waldemeyer, a pioneer in developing technology for haute couture with Fashion icons like Hussein Cahalayan, is pushing the boundaries between cutting edge technology and traditional textiles, challenging ‘old views’ by demonstrating the possibilities wearable technologies can add to stage wear but ultimately also to the fashion world. Naturally the showbiz is always wide open for innovation, having the privilege of almost unlimited budget to create stage outfits and the advantage to use materials and technologies not yet ready for the general public. But once we, the fans of these idols spot such cool outfits we do almost everything to get one at least in a scaled down, more affordable version. This in turn will trigger higher interest by designer to be more exploratory in creating light animated garments.The dress and jacket design comes from Paris based couturier Alexandre Vauthier incorporating ‘… a unique combination of compressed gas systems and video capable LED circuits‘ as stated on Moritz’s Website. I couldn’t find more specifics on that statement, sounds like another innovative leap in Moritz Waldemayer’s technology inspired fashion creations.

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