Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simple and practical: T-Shirt as headphone cord extension...

Simple ideas with great impact, does not everyone wish to have such products? Just use them, have them at our disposal all time and if we use them it feels great. Most people get into a defensive mode when I talk about wearable technology as this is still somewhat provocative to imagine having a bit of technology inside our clothing although most are handling far more complex technology in their hands, pockets and bags. Maybe wearable electronic product designs are indeed not yet conforming with the general perception of clothing and/or technology. Maybe wearable technologies have to be introduced in a softer, simpler form to enable people to adapt, adjust and embrace the idea that electrical signals can travel through clothing without giving an electrical shock. Demonstrating via simple products that electrically active clothing can of course be washed under some conditions which we unquestionably accept by other traditional textile materials like silk or wool which require certain washing temperatures and cleaning procedures. An excellent example of a simple yet highly useful, sensible product from the eTextile department is Music and Sons Music T-Shirt range. Besides the catchy design and the use of beautiful as well as environmental friendly materials like Bamboo fabric, the fact that these T-Shirts, on the market for around 2 years, offer a solution for a problem many seems to have when I watch them wrangling with their headphone wires running from a pocket to the ears. Music and Sons uses the T-Shirt to manage the cable mangle. A standard headphone connector in a pocket on the T-Shirt connecting to most portable devices moves the headphone connection up to the neck where the headphone can be connected either via the included, good quality headphone or you can connect your beloved type of headphone.It’s a simple solution, using the T-Shirt as extension of a headphone cord, highly practical as I can testify and might just be the sort of ’small scale’ textile electronic needed to make people more familiar with ‘electrifying clothing’.

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