Saturday, June 26, 2010

UR-CC1 AlTiN: URWERK – Black Cobra Wrist Watch...

UR-CC1 AlTiN is made from grey gold case tranformed into black, to further emphasized on black character and black heart. Designed in limited edition of 25 pieces, you could imagine how high the sky will be when it talks about price.Hold on the “Black Cobra” face and you will see two unusual indications: jumping hours and retrograde minutes. UR-CC1 AlTiN designed with Bright yellow glowing from black anthracite is the only luminous evidence emmetting from this reptilian machine. The hours and minutes count down the time by moving linearly.
  • UR-CC1 AlTiN is a timeless creation and the fruit of multiple inspirations: the talented and avant-garde watchmaker Louis Cottier (1894-1966); a reflexion on the myriad dimensions of time; and even a fond reminiscence of the linear instruments panels found on some old American cars.
The grey gold watch comes in Aluminium Titane Nitride and features a PE-CVD treated titanium base. These 53.9mm long, 42.6mm wide, and 15.4mm tall watch comes with Calibre UR-8.02a movement. The limited edition watches have a 39-hour power reserve and will see only 25 pieces.UR-CC1 AlTiN Black Cobra’s Technical Details:

Boîtier: grey gold treated with AlTiN (Aluminium Titane Nitride), base in PE-CVD treated titanium

  • hardness of gold : 380 Vickers
  • hardness of AlTiN : 3800 Vickers
  • Indications:linear jumping hours
  • Linear retrograde minutes
  • seconds displayed both lineally and digitally, a world first
  • length : 53.9mm
  • width : 42.6mm
  • height : 15.4mm
  • Calibre UR-8.02
Main characteristics
  • Minute and hour cylinders in aluminium elox (Anodicaly Inactivated Aluminium)
  • cylinder brackets in titanium
  • honeycombed rack and seconds disk in nickel manufactured using photolithography
  • base plate in ARCAP P40 treated with black PVD
  • triple cam in beryllium bronze
  • unidirectional winding rotor masse regulated by pneumatic brake « Fly Brake »
  • Balance frequency: 28′800 bph/4Hz
  • Power Reserve: 39 hours
  • Number of jewels: 27 jewels in base movement
  • 10 jewels in complication
bridges decorated with perlage then treated with black pvd, movement components decorated with perlage, micro-blasted, complication components diamond-cut and mirror polished, gold case micro-basted then treated with AlTiN, titanium base plate treated with PE-CVD.

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