Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adidas is looking for a wearable electronic designer...

According to a job opening posting the Adidas Group is looking for a Textronics Senior Industrial Designer ‘to create wearable electronics performance innovations which drive the advanced product process from opportunity identification through production reality.’ Textronics, founded by Stacey Burr, created and commercialized a range of heart rate monitoring running tops and shirts using their patented textile electrodes. Adidas acquired Textronics a few years ago and in turn launched Adidas branded runner tops and shirts with the same, textile electrodes seamlessly woven into the garment. Adidas made some small steps into the wearable technology arena most with iconic concept products like the Adidas 1 high-tech sneaker or more recently the Adidas Cyber Sneakers. This job opening does suggest that Adidas is planning to get more active in integrating technology in their product range as one of the key areas for the future Senior Industrial Designer will be to ‘Design and develop cutting edge product innovations that lead the wearable sports electronics category innovation agendas.’ From (my) wearable technology perspective this is interesting news as it suggests that a top brand in the sports apparel market will certainly lead to surprisingly innovative, technology enhanced fitness outfit in the near future.

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