Thursday, July 22, 2010

AiRScouter: Brother’s Head Mounted Augmented Reality Display – The Prototype...

Brother, a company renown for its multi-function printer in the nineties, will soon unveil their latest head mounted display product prototype, dubbed AiRScouter at “Brother World JAPAN 2010″, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan on September 15, 2010. Brother AiRScouter is designed with light material and capable to provide Augmented Reality experience to its users. The AiRScouter comes with intelligent application that will allow wearer to enjoy the information access and let those. Compared to the prototype announced on Oct 20 2009, this prototype shows image more clearly with a redesigned optical scanning system which improves image quality.In addition, the new prototype has an upgraded design which allows it to attach a micro camera for practical use.

AiRScouter’s Features:
  1. The transparent display enables users to see the images without affecting the visual field.
  2. Users can view private images and confidential data at anywhere.
  3. Even though the is small and lightweight, users can view images on a virtual large screen anytime, anywhere. (16 square inches screen viewed in 1m ahead)
  4. Due to this eyeglass-shaped wearable design, it enables users to read documents such as operation manuals at the narrow spaces, or to be hands-free when they want to use both hands.

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