Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple Wireless Keyboard...

Macintosh users, here is the sleek, space saving and elegantly designed Apple Wireless Keyboard for your desktop companion. The Apple wireless keyboard’s casing is using low-profile aluminum enclosure with crisp, responsive keys and power management technology for durable battery life. Apple has designed the Wireless Keyboard with function keys for one-touch access to a variety of features and Bluetooth technology that removes all cables and clutter, providing a keyboard that looks and works great. The new Apple Wireless keyboard now only need two AA batteries, same as logitech cordless desktop keyboard. The energy saving feature will help to detect your fingers typing and make instant activation on the keyboard. Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer, Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later and Aluminum Keyboard Software Update 2.0, Existing keyboard and mouse for initial setup, two AA batteries (included). Apple Wireless Keyboard is backed by a one-year warranty. Price: USD69.00 [ buy Apple Wireless Keyboard here ]

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