Friday, July 23, 2010

Costa Rica’s EWoks Village: TreeHouse Community And A Real-Life 3G...

You would probably unbelieve that those living upside of trees could also enjoy a superb 3G access, especially at forest area. But this is the truth treehouse community in Costa Rica forest called Ewoks Village in Endor. The community living on treehouses is actually enjoying a 7.2mbps 3G internet access, and all their electronic gadgets are running on 100 per cent solar energy. This information is delivered by Matthew Garza who has been living at the treehouse for a honeymoon recently. One of the EWok Village owner has told the media that the minimum connection speed is 1mbps, and the treehouse regularly connect at 7.2mbps.
  • Here at base camp, we are out of direct range of the signal’s broadcast, but we bought an antennae and amplifier to create our ‘work zone’ here at the office/entrance. It works like a dream!

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