Thursday, July 22, 2010

DIY: Drum gloves...

We have seen our share on interactive gloves ranging from ‘just’ lighting up’ to the control of the virtual world on the computer. Gloves seems to be a prime target when it comes to electrify our wardrobe. The Drum Glove System designed by Arnoud den Besten, Kristo de Pooter, Sam Vesters and Thomas Letermea, a group of students at the Artesis University College in Antwerp, setting the functionality level very high in the musical glove design concept category. Drumming with your finger tips on the table is getting a complete different meaning and acoustic when you wear a pair for these Drum Gloves. The Drum Glove system is a design concept study which envisions to have a full drum kit at your finger tips, controlled by the electronic in the backpack which also contains speakers and audio processing. The team also imagines to enable multiple users to combine their (finger tip) drumming creating an out of this world drummer experience. Sadly most of these cool design concepts never make it to the stores so if you really like that you might need to walk down the DIY lane.

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