Thursday, July 29, 2010

Evatran Plugless Power Station for Wireless Electric Car Charging...

Considering that there will probably be an increase of electric vehicles on the road in the next few years, it’s nice to see that the Evatran Plugless Power Station is already thinking of ways to improve the charging process for these electric cars. It works with the user installing a shoebox-sized adapter in the car, which works as a wireless power receiver. The car with this apparatus gets near this power station’s parking block, and the charging takes place. When I say “gets near”, I mean that the car probably has to park directly over this parking block. Only a distance of two inches is allowed, which is dangerously close when dealing with under-the-car devices like this. At least it is better than the in-touch charging devices like the Powermat. Another bug in this particular process is that the Plugless Power Station only operates at eighty percent capacity, but hopes to achieve ninety at launch. Clearly, what is going to sell this product is the time it will take to charge an electrical car wirelessly vs. the time it will take to do this with a plug-in wire. If Evatran can do it even ten percent faster, it will be worth the investment from electric car drivers. The company hopes to launch this by April 2011, with a $800 pricetag.

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