Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fraunhofer FIT Touch-Free: Multi Users Gesture Control Technology...

You would have probably been asking, after the touchscreen, multi-touch display and 3D technology, what’s next? Perhaps, the next logical answer would be the Multi Users Touch-Free Gesture Control Technology! Nothing new about those touch-screens anymore! The reality is, people are turning their attention towards the touch-free era, where gesture detection technology capable of providing more freedom on its operation. And not forget to mention about Fraunhofer’s FIT – a touch-free multi-user gesture detection project, that has recently appeared on YouTubes has left a good impression among Geeks! The wonder of Fraunhofer’s FIT gesture detection technology is that it does not require any special gloves or markers, it could work wonders in real time on sensing user’s gesture movements and better off, it could support multiple users (and multiple fingers). Hopefully, Fraunhofer’s FIT gesture technology will be capable of working under complex simulation data and in the educational field.

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