Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hitachi Life Microscope Concept...

On the 100th birthday of Hitachi creation, the company held some kind of little exhibition in Tokyo. Among many interesting product, we stumble upon the “Life Microscope” project, the next generation of pedometer. Well calling Hitachi “Life Microscope” a pedometer may not be fair to Hitatchi, but the concept is however relatively similar in its basic form. Being designed like a watch, actually Hitachi has also some real prototype of watches using “Life Microscope”, our “Next Gen” Pedometer once on your wrist, will be capable to record every single movement you will produce, and once these data collected and sent to a dedicated software, Hitachi is capable to display how long you walk or rest, but also capable to differentiate each of these 2 major actives like being example capable to know the difference between your sleeping time, working time (seated on a chair at your desk), as well as the difference between let’s say playing video games or eating for example. Thanks to these pretty accurate data, Hitachi is now capable to give extremely accurate information to both patient and doctors to better study ones activity and to better help them in their recovery or daily exercises.

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