Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mogo Mouse: Portable, Sleek, Wireless, Bluetooth And A PC Card Slot...

Powered by thin Li-Poly batteries, Mogo Mouse is the type of sleek, portable and wireless bluetooth mouse for your mobile need. The device is rechargeable using either PCMCIA or Express card slot in your laptop, adding more convenience to your mobility. Simply slip in the Mogo Mouse to your laptop’s PCMCIA slot for recharging, in this way, it helps to solve the misery for dead batteries during your highly mobile moments. The sleek and thin shape with a dimension of 2.1×0.2×3.4-inches (WxHxD), Mogo Mouse weighing a mere 1.5oz. Designed with a patent-pending optical system, MoGo Mouse provides 800 DPI resolution for precise tracking. The Mogo Mouse will automatically turns on whenever you flip open the mouse’s leg. You will also find the slim bluetooth mogo mouse is surprisingly comfort for your mobile usage. There is another type dubbed Mogo Mouse X54, an optical bluetooth mouse that could fit well to your express card slot, in a smaller size compare to the Mogo Mouse BT priced at a higher price.

Mogo Mouse BT:
Original Price: USD79.99 [ Buy Wireless Bluetooth Mogo Mouse BT for incredible low price of USD19.96 here ]

Mogo Mouse X54:
Original Price: USD89.99 [ Buy Wireless Bluetooth Mogo Mouse X54 for USD45.00 here ]

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