Thursday, July 29, 2010

One-Fourth A Grain Of Rice: New Solar Cells – University Of South Florida...

How about a solar cell one-fourth a grain of rice? The new invention made by scientists at University of South Florida has the exciting story to tell us… The scientists leader at University of South Florida, Xiaomei Jiang said, the greatest advantage of the cell’s size is its versatility. Unlike the delicate, wafer-based solar cells, which can not be fitted on all surfaces, the new miniature cell could potentially be used as paint or other fluid solvents. Jiang told Reuters, “Because it is in a solution, you can design a special spray gun where you can control the size and thickness. You could produce a paste and brush it on.” This might not be the thinnest photovoltaic cell in the market, compare to the one-fifth human hair diameter solar cell by Sandia National Laboratory we have mentioned yesterday, thus, this is one viable candidate for easy application photovoltaic component. The team of researchers say that 20 of these cells are enough to generate 7.8 volts of electricity! Imagine you could actually brush it up to a plastic panel and build your own photovoltaic solar cell panel out of it, wouldn’t it be a great system for the future? Or perhaps you want to transform your outer walls into photovoltaic cells panel, you simply need to paint it over. According to info unveiled, the cells are “build primarily from abundant and green components carbon and hydrogen, and it’s believed that their efficiency could double in the next year.”

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