Thursday, July 1, 2010

Piezoelectric energy illuminates your bag during night...

Illuminated handbags which light up the inside of bags during night have been around for some time, either as actual products or as concept design. I actually wonder why this functionality has not yet reached a wider attention from manufacturer and consumers. It looks to me quite practical to have a bit of light deep inside a handbag when searching for keys or other small items. Not only once I have seen ladies emptying their bags just do find what they are looking for. Maybe because light in a bag means another battery to take care off to make sure it is charged when needed. Italian designer Nicole Osella might have a solution. She designed the ‘Bulbo‘, an add-on module which could be used to retro fit any bag you have at your disposal and it generates it’s own electrical energy for the light. ‘Bulbo’ is a ribbon with LEDs and can be placed inside a bag. A silicon bulb on one side with a clip allows to attach the ‘Bulbo’ to any bag. This silicon bulb contains a sphere that will levitate outside the bag, harnessing kinetic energy which is stored in a battery inside the silicon bulb. Comes night the stored energy provides power to the LEDs inside the bag.
Simple, smart, universal and innovative – I love such concepts.

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