Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Throat Mic – Clarity Two Way Communication Using Throat Vibration...

Throat Microphone also known as Laryngophone, is a walkie talkies with two hyper sensitive throat sensors that will pick up the sound from your throat vocal chord vibration and capable of reducing background noise up to 90 percent level. Throat Mic Users will be able to make a verbal conversation with barely having to actually speak out or say out aloud. You will be able to use the Throat Microphone on Kenwood, Icom, Maxon, Motorola and Vertex walkie talkies. Throat Mic is engineered using high impact polycarbonate construction, thick gauge polyurethane wiring and heavy duty spring designed with four pin mini din connection points, you will also find a clip-on PTT button for push to talk feature and a mini Velcro PTT button. Price: approx. USD35.88 [ you could buy Throat Mic here ]

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