Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WetCircuits: WaterProof PowerStrip Now Available...

Is it possible for making electrical connection on a wet condition? WetCircuits has invented a neat product in form of power strip that will be waterproof and plugging power cord in the water is now possible! A patented design and comes with a special protective material in order to minimize electricity flow when submerged into water or in contact with water, WetCircuits waterproof PowerStrips is claimed to be the safest of its category. No more headaches when dealing with wet hands, rain, temporary flooding, water spillage or even snow drop. You could even submerge the Wet Circuits waterproof power strip into the water up to 2-hour long without any worries about electricity shortcut. And the special part of Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip is on its reusable circuit breaker that will discontinues the electric current whenever temperature exceed 100 degrees Celsius. It also designed with long lifespan of 4 times more durable compare to ordinary power strip. Other features such as 20,000 times of plug and unplug and it also comes with a fuse to prevents unwanted electrical shortcut or over heating problem. The Price is: USD35.-

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