Saturday, August 28, 2010

0W Consumption In Idle Mode: Moneual’s SONAMU Desktop PC – Atmospheric Electricity Controlling System...

Hybernating, sleeping, CULV, whatever you call those energy saving technologies, you will not feel surprise until you find out that there is even better one on the market! Moneual is a South Korea company that recently unveiled their eco-friendly SONAMU PC G100. The surprising news comes following, the SONAMU PC G100 is claimed to be the first PC in the world designed with atmospheric electricity controlling system.In a plain sentence, SONAMU PC G100 is a 0W consumption desktop PC when it is in idle mode or left unused. And a stunning statistic shown that if 30 per cent of world desktop PCs are all loaded with an atmospheric electricity controlling system, a total of 5.9 hundred million KWH electricity could be saved annually.
This level of electricity saving is approximately the same effect as planting 1 hundred million pine trees around the globe! How that sound for reducing more carbon footprints in our lovely planet? Hello… are you still with me? Hopefully soon there will be similar technologies appear for other mobile devices such as laptop, notebooks, tablets, etc. No info on the pricing of atmospheric electricity controlling system desktop PC yet.

Good job Moneual!!

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