Thursday, August 19, 2010

ACM-R5: Robot Snake – Creation Of Hirose-Fukushima Laboratory...

A laboratory at Tokyo Institute of Technology has successfully created the ACM-R5 robot snake, which capable of moving like what a real snake could. Hirose-Fukushima Laboratory has built the robot snakes’ body with passive wheels and is designed to have a propulsive force for body twisting and allow the robot snake to have tangential gestures on its body. Furthermore, each eight joint of the robot snake has its own CPU, motor and battery that will control its own movements, in this way, the movement would be independent from each other section. No info how long an ACM-R5 robot snake could move and how long the battery recharge would be needed in order to let the robot snake move again. Will Tokyo Institute of Technology commercialize their invention or will it be another military gadget for Japan?

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