Thursday, August 19, 2010

Arc Touch: Microsoft Bendable Mouse – Curve For Comfort, Flatten To Pack...

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a half circle shape mouse with touch-scrolling and battery power indicator. The Arc Touch Mouse is working using 2.4GHz nano transceiver and connect wirelessly via dongle to your computer. The bend style will provide comfort of usage, while the flatten mode will ease transportation or delivery. There is also a large touch-scroll sensor which is designed for easier navigation.If you pay attention closely you will notice that the Microsoft Arc Touch is a bit difference than Microsoft Arc mouse which being sold over amazon at cheaper price of USD39.99.You will see a battery indicator and physical power control, the actual mousing itself is done by Microsoft’s Blue Track system which promise to deliver high tracking accuracy. According to the retailer, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse will go on sale from October 13th priced at €69.99 ($90), in-line with what Apple are asking for the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse in Germany. US pricing is expected to be $69.95.Price: EUR69.99 [ approx. USD90.-, but expected to be priced at USD69.95 ]

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