Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Auto Cleaning Solar Panels: Dusty? Not Anymore...

Few years after the solar power trend arose, people begin to feel the necessity for cleaning their solar panels from dust in a frequent manner in order to maintain perfect solar harvesting capability. And a perfect sense is that solar panel will be highly effective in somewhere with a low rain level to generate stable electricity supply, and such place exists in desert area where dust abundance and water shortage are two main issues need to be taken good care of.
  • Latest news about study of auto-cleaning solar panel technology that involves a transparent, electrically sensitive material deposited on glass or a transparent plastic sheet covering the panels. There will be sensors to monitor dust levels on the surface of the panel and energize the material when dust concentration reaches a critical level.
  • The electric charge will send a dust-repelling wave cascading over the surface of the material, lifting away the dust and transporting it off of the screen’s edges.
  • Within two minutes, the process removes about 90 percent of the dust deposited on the panels and requires only a small amount of electricity generated by the panel for cleaning purposes.
  • A study leader, Malay K. Mazumder, Ph.D. said, “A dust layer of one-seventh of an ounce per square yard decreases solar power conversion by 40 percent,” Mazumder explains. “In Arizona, dust is deposited each month at about 4 times that amount. Deposition rates are even higher in the Middle East, Australia, and India.”

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