Saturday, August 28, 2010

BioFuel Green Vehicle: Kettering University – Flint Runs On Biogas...

If you are complaining about throwing out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on food every single month, did you ever thinking of utilizing your waste? By all means, not being impolite or rude, but the truth is that a team at Kettering University has set their first of its kind as green vehicle with the capability to convert those biomethane contains in human waste become new source of energy or biofuel. And the interesting part is, this biofuel green technology is applicable to both personal vehicles and public transportation such as buses, wonder if it will work for train also? And the initial test drive by Kettering University team using the special vehicle to run on biomethane in Flint at the downtown’s signature car event, has shown a reasonable performance.
  • Result of a three-phase $1 million project funded by the state and federal government that also includes fuel cell products that can power homes, this truck will be fueled by biomethane produced at Swedish Biogas International’s highly anticipated biogas plant. The biogas truck that portrays another step towards Flint’s new alternative energy future took a year for this green renewal. The conversion hardware for the 2009 truck was provided by California company Baytech Corp.
Imagine those hardly to believe ‘waste’ could be turned into green energy? Would you try the bio-fuel system? Alternatively, your family’s waste could be sold for additional income? How about if the system also works for animals’ waste? Wouldn’t that become one of the greatest green energy of man-kind history?

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