Monday, August 23, 2010

The CuteStore by CuteCircuit...

One of the pioneers and trendsetter in the wearable technology fashion world, London based CuteCircuit has made their name by integrating new functionality into fashion through the use of smart textiles and micro electronics. This integration has been recently demonstrated with the design of dresses for Katy Perry and Safura or the Galaxy Dress. To bring sparkling clothing to consumers CuteCircuit has opened their own online store offering technology enhanced clothing. Rather then relaying on crystals releasing a sparkle when hit by a light beam, the Twirkle collection from CuteCircuit is the source of the sparkle, releasing a night sky star twinkle on a dress or shirt. To ignite the sparkle you need to move, as more as you move as brighter you will sparkle and twinkle. I love this design twist by CuteCircuit to relate the light pattern to movements via a motion sensor. The light sparkle effect is similar to the sparkle created by crystals that catch the surrounding light. The motion activation gives a more natural appearance, random light patterns rather than static, predefined and programmed light sequences that dent to be artificial and cheap looking light effects. The Twirkle collection items run on basic coin cell batteries which are included in the retail price which ranges between $ 140.- and $ 187.- depending on the model. The CuteStore is open for business and takes pre-orders with delivery by October, just in time for the darker season that need to be spiced up with a bit of sparkle coming from your shirt or dress.

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