Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DIY Fluorescent Floor Lamp...

Finding attractive lighting can get expensive, especially if you go with anything remotely trendy. It’s surprising how much money you can sink into lighting alone, but it’s an important factor for both everyday life and the look of your room. Instead of sinking a whole lot of dough into a lamp, you could make some of these Fluorescent Floor Lamps thanks to a handy little tutorial. If you like tackling new things, it doesn’t appear that this will take a whole lot of experience for any of the steps. The electrical work seems to be basic enough for a beginner. You just start out by buying 3 cheap fluorescent lights and those will be placed on a single base. They don’t state how much they spent total on the project, but there isn’t a whole lot of cost outside of the 3 lights you’ll have to pick up. You can read through the full tutorial here.

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