Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DraganFlyer X8: Lightweight, Portable And Ideal For Surveillance...

Effective gadget for the spy next door, following Draganflyer X8 helicopter toy is designed to be lightweight and portable, capable to complete variety of tasks. No official recommendation from the manufacturer about using it to spy on your neighbors, however, beware that spying activities might just invite unnecessary lawsuits from those being spied. DraganFlyer X8 helicopter has unique design that will enable player to fold it up when you’re done playing with the toy for better portability. This DraganFlyer X8 helicopter toy is best for surveying hard to reach places location, including volcanoes, forests, jungles, mountains or steep valleys, etc. No info about the flying mode noise level, rechargeable battery life, pricing or how long it takes for a single charge to complete?

More info on Draganflyer X8 helicopter’s technical details here.

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